Healthy Snacks

Snacks still can support—or even enhance—your child's overall healthy eating plan
December 21st 2017

Half the sugar kids eat and drink each year comes from snacks and sugary drinks

Children need snacks because they are growing and are very active. Depending on their height, weight, gender, and level of physical activity, children need more calories per pound body weight than adults do.

No one is suggesting that snacking is a bad thing, it’s the type of snack food that children are eating that is ‘bad’. Bad snacks are those with high sugar and salt content and those with high fat content.

By taking the sugar down you are helping both their bodies and minds. Sugar will cause spikes in energy and then falls where they will struggle to concentrate and retain facts.

So what is a healthy snack? Without doubt, fruit and raw vegetables are by far the healthiest and natural kind of snack a child should be eating. Making your own mix of seeds, dried fuit and nuts gives a great mix of essential micronutrients. If not allergic then Nuts are a great source of protein.

Try to avoid the word treat with sweets, they shouldn't be a reward.

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