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Science Ninja School

“Jedi Knight School—May the Forces Be with You! Prove that you have the mettle to master ancient forces in a series of challenges to test your Jedi spirit, intelligence, and patience!”

This a great week, doing all the fun experiments to bring you into the world of understanding true forces at work. With Rit Zbikowski from the The Edinburgh Academy Junior School you will prove how machines have shaped our world, build structures that defy the laws of nature and work in teams to outthink the opposition. Who will be the last Jedis standing? Find out as you learn and have fun this summer!

Week Plan:

Monday : Can your machine overcome the forces? Levers, planes, wedges, pulleys, wheels in action.

Tuesday: You can make paper HOW strong? Gravity-defying paper bridge competitions, arch building, newspaper towers.

Wednesday: Take paper to the next level! Suspension bridge, cantilever structure comp., work on catapults.

Thursday: Finish catapults—launch party, set out arches and engage in battlefield siege.

Friday: Fire and Ice! Create match rockets that can defy gravity and create ice cream to defeat the heat forces.

As we haven't run this course before images below are from Rits other international schools and summer courses.


Rit Zbikowski

Rit is the Science teacher and Eco Coordinator at the EA Junior School. He has a passion for getting pupils to learn through scientific play and real-life, hands-on experiences. He has previously worked with The Edinburgh International Science Festival and has coordinated summer science programs in Japan. He hopes to convey this passion of understanding the WHY of everything in this vast topic of Science by letting the pupils get stuck in to seriously exciting exploration!

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For the All Sports camp wear clothing suitable for the season and a full active day eg shorts and tracksuit bottoms, trainers, fleece and a waterproof. We like to get outside as much as possible.

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The Venue

Excel Sports Academy have been in the fantastic facilities of St George’s School for Girls for many years now. Located in a quiet residential area just west of the City in Roseburn. St George’s is one of the countries top schools with first class facilities.

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Our Staff are led by a PE teacher and all undergo training as well as appropriate safety checks. We regularly have other PE teachers, elite sports performers and university students training to be teachers.

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