ComputerXplorers: Senior Camp

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ComputerXplorers: Senior Camp

Lego Animation, Game Design and Gadgets

Seniors can take their pick from "Animate It” and “Game Design & Gadgets"

The children will learn how to animate Lego and explore the world of augmented reality in the Animate It camp.

During the Game Design and Funamentals camp they will learn the fundamentals of games design as they create their very own video games to take home and learn to code with the Micro:bit—a handheld fully programmable computer!

Participants will have 2.5 hours of computing each afternoon before joining in with the team events and film making. They will also participate in sports sessions throughout the morning. The camps are designed around activities suitable for 10-15 year olds. The price is inclusive of the All Sports camp.


Computer Xplorers

ComputerXplorers are the specialists in providing extra-curricular computing clubs at schools and nurseries throughout Edinburgh as well as computing and technology camps.

Our children's computing classes are always engaging, educational and lots of fun - perfect for child who is 'mad about computers' or for the child who just wants to try something new.

So if you are looking for coding classes for your child or a creative animation class to spark their imagination, this camp is for you.

Our activity Calendar

Week by week Calendar

Blast off with ComputerXplorers this summer as its all about animation this week from stop motion animation to augmented reality!. We have it covered! Children will learn how to animate Lego and explore the world of augmented reality.

Stop-motion animation is one of the simplest and most fun animation techniques. Combine this with LEGO and you have a winning combination for young film-makers. A fantastic way to bring your favourite LEGO creations to life. We will teach you the techniques you need to become a magical movie producer and create your very own animation which can be viewed by family and friends. Watch out Wallace and Gromit here comes ComputerXplorers!

3D Animation Explore the depths of the ocean in 3D, the far reaches of outer space, the Egyptian pyramids or even a fantasy world! Your imagination is your only limitation!

Game Design and Robotics

It’s all about game design and gadgets this week. Here our Seniors will learn the fundamentals of games design as they create their very own video games to take home and learn to program our robot Edison. The week will end with our very own rocket launch.

Video Game Design Learn the fundamentals of coding to create your very own video game using an Xbox controller that you can take home and play.

Robotics Program our robot Edison to move when clapping, communicate with light and music and navigate through a series of maps, obstacles and local landmarks.

Wacky Rockets OFF. Design and build your own rocket as we prepare for launch day then head outside and watch it soar. You’ll have a blast.

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Activity FAQs

The following outline is a rough guide to a typical day at Excel Sports Academy…

8am – 9am Drop off time
Supervision of children watching a film, playing board games, cards, colouring, reading etc.
9am – 9.45am Team Fun Games
9.45am – 10.45am Sports Session 1
10.45am – 11am Morning Break
11am – 12pm Sports Session 2
12am – 12.30m Lunch
12.30pm – 3pm Excel Plus Activity: ComputerXplorers: Senior Summer Camp
3pm – 3.30pm Team Film Making Practice
3.30pm – 5pm Sports Challenge or Tournament
5pm – 6pm Pick up time
Supervision of children watching a film, playing board games, cards, colouring, reading etc.

The following table of activities highlights what you might expect to do during an Excel+ week:


  • Enrolment
  • Team organisation
  • Sports activities
  • Excel+ ComputerXplorers
  • Film making choices


  • Sports Activities
  • Excel+ ComputerXplorers
  • Team tournament
  • Film Practice


  • Sports Activities
  • Excel+ ComputerXplorers
  • Team tournament
  • Filming day


  • Sports Activities
  • Excel+ ComputerXplorers
  • Team tournament
  • Themed Thursday (e.g. pyjama party)


  • Sports Activities
  • Excel+ ComputerXplorers
  • Team tournament
  • Oscar ceremony
  • Prize giving

All equipment is provided but you are welcome to bring your own specialist equipment if you prefer.

For specialist camps you may need to check the main activity page fro additional details.

For the All Sports camp wear clothing suitable for the season and a full active day eg shorts and tracksuit bottoms, trainers, fleece and a waterproof. We like to get outside as much as possible.

Due to allergies Excel does not provide food. Bring snacks and a packed lunch full of nutritous food, fit for a full active day. Sweets are not a good source of energy! St George's often provide a snack at the end of the day but this will be given after sign out, to allow you to decide if it is suitable.

Bring a refillable water bottle. Water is available at the water fountains for refills.

If you need to bring medicine you will be asked to fill out a form at the start of the week and this will be kept stored for you in case it is required. This can be stored in a fridge if required.

Please do not bring ipads, tablets or telephones. If you do need a telephone, you will be asked to hand it in at the start of the day. This is to protect against images that may be taken of children.

The Venue

Excel Sports Academy have been in the fantastic facilities of St George’s School for Girls for many years now. Located in a quiet residential area just west of the City in Roseburn. St George’s is one of the countries top schools with first class facilities.

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The Staff

Our Staff are led by a PE teacher and all undergo training as well as appropriate safety checks. We regularly have other PE teachers, elite sports performers and university students training to be teachers.

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Summer All Sports Camp

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