How To Book

Follow these simple guidelines to book your children on our fantastic camps.

The 3 steps

There's essentially 3 steps to making a booking:

  1. Add the Camps/Excel+ Activity Camps to your basket that you'd like your children to attend
  2. Select which children should attend which Camps
  3. Add your details and reserve the spaces by paying a 20% deposit

Here's a little more detail on each step:

Adding Items to your Basket

Adding an item is as simple as clicking its orange button, when available.

There are a few different places you can do this:

  • On our Book Now page or Camp Calendar, which lists all our upcoming camps
  • On a camp page in the Week by Week Calendar section

Please keep in mind:

  • An Excel+ Activity such as Art or Dance includes the Summer Camp for that week
  • Make sure you add all the Camps to your basket that your children may attend.
  • You can click on the Basket icon in the top right to view it, remove items or empty it completely.

Once you are happy with your order, the next step is to select which camp(s) each of your children will attend.

Adding Children

Before you add children to your order, you'll need to login. If you don't already have an account with us, please sign up first.

Once logged in, visit your basket and click on Add Children at the bottom.

If you've used the system before, your child details should already be ready to use - if not, click on Add Child and complete the small form until you've added all your children.


  • Click on your child's name to open their booking form
  • Only the camps they are age appropriate for will be displayed
  • To select an camp, click on its orange button

Please note that your child can only attend one camp at a time - if you've added two Excel+ Activity Camps in the same week, you'll only be able to select one per child.

Once you've selected which camps you want your children to go on, click Checkout at the bottom.

Your Details

On the Checkout page, add your details and review your order. If you've already used the system, your details will be pre-populated.

You then need to choose whether to pay in full, or to pay a 20% deposit. Click on Pay Securely With Sagepay and you'll be taken through to our payment processor to complete your payment. Once complete you'll receive an email from us to confirm your booking.

CHILD CARE VOUCHERS Please contact us by email if you would like to pay with CCVs. We can refund the card deposit payment, once we have received your payment from your designated child care voucher provider. Once complete you'll receive an email from us to confirm your booking.


  • If you are logged in, your basket is saved until you place an order, so you can return anytime to complete it - just log in again
  • When you log in, any items you have in your basket are added to your "logged in" basket
  • If your booking has a camp that starts in less than two weeks, you'll have to pay the full amount up front. If you are booking other camps, book them separately if you want to only pay the deposit.

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