Please find the answers to some commonly asked questions here. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

All lost property is laid out on a table in the dining hall enabling children who have lost something to easily access any found property.

Children are reminded to check for missing belongings on a daily basis. Items will be much more easily identified if they are marked with a name, but Excel recognises this isn’t always practical.

At the end of each week, in the closing speech, the camp manager will draw parents and guardian’s attention to any lost property. Lost property will stay at camp until the end of the holidays, after which all items will go into storage for one week to give everyone an opportunity to claim things before being donated to a local charity shop.

Please call immediately to inform us that your child is sick and not able to attend camp, and please don't send a sick child to camp to be looked after.

As a security measure, should a child not arrive by 9.30am the General Manager will call the parent or guardian to confirm the non-arrival of a child expected that day at camp.

Participants who cannot attend the camp through injury, illness or for any other reason will not be entitled to any refund or form of compensation. This is a standard condition consistent with similar organisations.

All Excel Plus activities give children the opportunity to learn and apply skills through our intensive programmes, which work to deepen their commitment and produce results.

Experience has shown that consistent instruction by one of Excel’s specialist coaches or instructors reinforces the friendly, familiar and fun environment in which the children learn - Excel tennis in particular is recognised in Edinburgh as one of the best children's tennis camps.

As a result, we do not offer the option of a day in these activities. 2021 we are only offering full week camps.

Excel's sports coaches recognise that older children require a different level of engagement. As such they are encouraged to take a leadership role within their teams, and can also be given the option of assisting the coach in a sporting activity if they would prefer not to participate in it.

Older participants are also welcome to enjoy the dedicated space for 11-16 year olds, which they can use as an alternative to the film room to relax in after lunch.

Excel Sports Academy encourages children to participate in all of the sporting activities. Whether an activity is tried for the first time, or a child has little experience, Excel's sports coaches generate great enthusiasm to ensure each session is approached in a fun and exciting way. A range of non-sporting activities means that a balance exists to maintain all interests.

Yes we are and ask that no nuts or nut products are allowed at Excel. Also we ask that the children do not share their snacks or packed lunches. All medication relating to any allergies should be handed to the camp managers on arrival and a medical form be filled in. Please do contact us if you have any further questions.

We are open from 8am until 6pm. Activities start at 9am prompt and run through until 5pm each day. Please NOTE for swimming, canoeing, horseriding and cookery please do drop your children off promptly so that they can get on the coaches.

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